Smarter than a job-board.

AiMYJOBS is a hybrid between a job-board and traditional recruitment agencies; we use the latest Ai (artificial intelligence) technology to take away human bias (i.e. “gut feel”) for increased accuracy in the overall candidate assessment process giving clients an affordable, yet high-value recruitment solution, and delivering candidates jobs that are better matched to their profile.

How AMY Works

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    Post your job openings on

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    AMY will evaluate applicants against a set of localised algorithms unique to each job post

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    Only most suitably matched candidates' CV will be delivered

​What makes us different?

AiMYJOBS is one of the first company to solely focus on using real-time AI technology in the recruitment process. We're still in early stages, but AiMYJOBS is already providing what we believe will be the most dynamic recruitment solution in the sector.


We were hoping the name was obvious, and we intended it to be; but just in case it needed some explanation, AiMYJOBS was selected to do just as the company name suggests, we use market leading Ai technology to simplify the way companies hire staff.

AiMYJOBS is a revolution and an evolution in the recruitment process; enabling talent acquisition to be more affordable to companies of all sizes

Get started today! Job postings on AiMYJOBS is currently FREE during our beta stage.