Meet AMY

This is AMY, the personification and star of AiMYJOBS.

She is a virtual recruiter that functions on Ai technology. She is hardworking and always working tirelessly to deliver in-depth, unbiased candidate evaluation.

AMY is not commission driven and is enabled with supervised learning. She processes feedback and training data and designed to continuously improve.

How AMY Works

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    Post your job openings on

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    AMY will evaluate applicants against a set of localised algorithms unique to each job post

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    Only most suitably matched candidates' CV will be delivered


Spend more time interviewing the right candidates and less time reading CVs.

On average, over 150 CVs are received for each job opening, filtering out and selecting the right talent can be difficult and time consuming. 65% of hiring managers spend over 3.5 hours to filter roles posted on job boards.